Do You Have A Tablet In Your Arsenal?

Several years ago in high school, I believe my freshman year, I had an art class and in it we had to make a travel poster. I had always doodled … Continue Reading →

Free Webinar: Making Compelling Wildlife Photographs with Scott Bourne

I have been wanting to learn more about capturing pictures of wildlife this past year, so when I saw this webinar I decided to sign up to see what I … Continue Reading →

Perfect Conditions

As photographers, we are always wanting the perfect conditions for whatever type of picture we are creating. A wedding photographer wants either a lot of light in a church or … Continue Reading →

If I Had a Camera Like Yours I Could Take Great Photos Like You

How many times have we photographers heard that phrase, “… if I had a camera like yours I could take great photos like you”?  More than a few for me.  … Continue Reading →

Do you Save Often?

  The other day I was working in Photoshop creating a video of pictures and short video clips. After about an hour of organizing, adding transition fades between each picture … Continue Reading →

Focus on Reflections

Typically when I am out creating nature pictures I like to have maximum depth-of-field to have everything in focus. But recently I came across an image of the Autumn trees … Continue Reading →

Nature RX, Is It Right for You?

How many of us, as we have gotten older, are now being told by our doctor that we need to take a daily dose of a certain type of medicine?  … Continue Reading →

Does Everyone Need a DSLR?

I know this might seem like an odd question, but this comes from a friend’s recent question to me about what camera I feel is better, Canon or Nikon, for … Continue Reading →

David FitzSimmons – Curious Critters

Today I am sharing a video with you that is inspirational by photographer David FitzSimmons.  He talks briefly about how he got started in photography and describes how he created … Continue Reading →

Helping Your Colors Pop

Every Fall the deciduous trees in mid to late October turn bright colors in the Ohio. Sometimes it can make a photographer’s head spin trying to decide what to photograph. … Continue Reading →