Ten Myths About Nature Photographers – Part 2

Today I am sharing part 2 of Darwin Wiggett’s article about myth’s about nature photographers. Click to enjoy reading “Ten Myth’s About Nature Photographers – Pt 2“       … Continue Reading →

Distant Sun

People are often attracted to beautiful sunrise and sunset scenes. When looking at pictures on Facebook we often see poor foreground scenery, power lines, poles, and other distractions. Also, because … Continue Reading →

Ten Myths About Nature Photographers Pt 1 – Darwin Wiggett

Today’s blog post is by a couple I have followed and learned from their articles over several years.  Click on the link to read their most recent post which is … Continue Reading →

Free EBook: “A Photographic Journey of Walborn Reservoir”

This personal project of photographing Walborn Reservoir started with me wanting a place to go and practice using my new DSLR camera. After a while I decided to try and … Continue Reading →

Depth of Macro

When discussing photographing flowers or any object really close, depth-of-field or as I like to say depth-of-focus can be very critical.  Learning about aperture in the exposure settings will help … Continue Reading →

Phalaenopsis Orchid_020612_0023 copy

Inside Studio

 Winter time in NE Ohio can be a blase time for photographers with no leaves on the plants and cold, snowy weather outside.  So an alternative is to setup an … Continue Reading →

Intimate With Landscapes

When people talk about landscape photography, there is a tendency to envision the wide-angle picture trying to show as much as possible. But many times the weather and nature does … Continue Reading →

The Radiant Sun

Sunrises and sunsets are a popular subject for most nature photographers, me included. Getting good sunrise pictures means getting up early and being on site before the sun shows its … Continue Reading →

Best of 2014: 201 Photographers Websites

Every year when New Year’s arrives I love to see what other photographers show as their best from the previous year.  Jim Goldstein once again has done a great job … Continue Reading →

Sand or Snow

So what do sand and snow have in common? Both can cause exposure issues when creating a picture in bright sunlight. Cameras are made to make an exposure based off … Continue Reading →