A Fleeting Moment

Today’s blog is from Kate Sylvia from earlier this month and I really enjoyed reading it. So, I wanted to share a link to it so others can read the … Continue Reading →

Weekly photo Quote: W. Eugene Smith

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “What uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” – W. Eugene Smith

Seeing B&W at Time of Capture

A while ago, a friend and fellow photographer talked to me about going on a group outing hoping to get some nice B&W images. We discussed about what to look … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo quote: John Sexton

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates. It is light I “listen” to. The light late in the day has a … Continue Reading →

The Frog!

Wow! Completed our first art festival and sold a couple pictures in frames plus a calendar. Surprising, this frog picture is my most popular picture for sales and comments. Thinking … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Rick Sammon

Weekly photo quote to inspire.  “The camera looks both ways.” – Rick Sammon

Who Cares

Today, I am sharing a link to Mike Moats video where he talks about creating images that your family might not like, but as a photographer, you like. Click on … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Kevin Russo

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “In order to be a successful Photographer, you must possess both Vision and Focus neither of which have anything to do with your eyes” – … Continue Reading →

1st Art Festival – AllianceFest

I have had my photographs for sale in a local store for many months this year, but on September 6, I will be set up selling my work at my … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Galen Rowell

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “I almost never set out to photograph a landscape, nor do I think of my camera as a means of recording a mountain or an … Continue Reading →