Weekly Photo Quote: Richard Martin

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “For me, image-making is intuitive and meditative. I may spend an hour waiting for the moment when then light transforms the ordinary into something mystical, … Continue Reading →

Slowing the Water

Since Spring has sprung here in NE Ohio, snow melt and rain usually causes creeks and rivers to flow wonderfully giving great opportunity to creating images of flowing water. One … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Abigail Marie

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “Anyone can pick up a fancy camera and call themself a photographer but those who can take the cheapest gadget and the most menial subject … Continue Reading →

Outside Your Genre

  Sometimes varying from your normal subjects of creating images can be refreshing. Since I concentrate on nature, getting an opportunity to photograph other things can test your skills and … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Tim Mantoan

Weekly photo quote to inspire. ” A camera, like a guitar, is just a box with a hole in it. Until it is placed in the hands of a true … Continue Reading →

It’s Greek to Me

Today’s blog is a post by Gary Hart from earlier this month that talks about using light, in easy to understand language. Enjoy the reading. http://garyhartblog.com/2014/03/03/its-greek-to-me/  

Weekly Photo Quote: Jay Maisel

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “If the light is great in front of you, you should turn around and see what it is doing behind you.” – Jay Maisel

Beautiful Gardens

Many times as photographers that love to photograph flowers, we find it hard to find a place with beautiful gardens large enough to roam around in all day creating images. … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: George Lepp

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “I didn’t go to kindergarden, so I missed ‘show and tell’ when I was young. I’m making up for it now! I look for essence … Continue Reading →

Crocus closeup_031610_0007

Getting Down and Close

With Spring around the corner, I am usually starting to think about flower photography created outside. First we have the crocus, then the tulips, and then everything else starts popping … Continue Reading →