For the Love of the Photograph

  Today I am sharing a quote with you by David duChemin that I love to read often for inspiration.

4 Elements of Impactful Black & White Photos

Today I am sharing an article by Elle Bruce from the Visual wilderness website that I hope will help you get better B&W photographs. Click here to enjoy reading “4 … Continue Reading →

Creating Sunbursts That Shine!

I remember several years ago while with a our photography group from church, someone asked me about creating a starburst effect in their images. The sun was just coming up … Continue Reading →

Getting Close to Flowers

With spring upon us, naturally our minds start to look for flowers to start coming through the ground once again. We clean out lenses, check our cameras to get ready … Continue Reading →

Buying Equipment On-Line

Years ago when I was learning photography in high school, you either bought your equipment from the local camera store or ordered it by phone from an advertiser in the … Continue Reading →

The Emerging & Aspiring Photographers

I just wanted today to suggest any photographers on Facebook to think about joining Colby Brown’s new group The Emerging & Aspiring Photographers FB Group.  Here is what the group … Continue Reading →

Question About Switching Brands

Recently I had someone contact me about what I thought of the Pentax camera because they were contemplating switching from another brand.  So I thought I would post our conversation … Continue Reading →

Light, The True Subject

  No matter what material you are using to capture the photographic image onto; whether tin, glass, plastic negative, or electronic chip; these materials were all exposing for the light. … Continue Reading →

Free EBook: “A Photographic Journey of Walborn Reservoir”

This personal project of photographing Walborn Reservoir started with me wanting a place to go and practice using my new DSLR camera. After a while I decided to try and … Continue Reading →

Seeing B&W at Time of Capture

A while ago, a friend and fellow photographer talked to me about going on a group outing hoping to get some nice B&W images. We discussed about what to look … Continue Reading →