Weekly Photo Quote: Alex Tehrani

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “Anyone can shoot chaos. But the most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures out of uninteresting moments.” – Alex Tehrani

Color, Colors Everywhere

Every Fall the deciduous trees in mid to late October turn bright colors in the Ohio. Sometimes it can make a photographer’s head spin trying to decide what to photograph. … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Guy Tal

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “In an age of over-photographed icons, and an abundance of technically excellent yet repetitive portrayals of similar scenes and subjects, Intimate Landscapes are the photo-artist’s … Continue Reading →

Why Deciduous Tree Leaves Turn Colors

Every Autumn in northern states first, then gradually working south, the deciduous tree leaves slowly began to radiate with bright colors. Photographers plan trips to photograph the colors and Fall … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Eddie Soloway

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “We’re in charge of our own photo adventures. Adventure means taking a different path. It can mean getting down on the ground for a really … Continue Reading →

Test Drive Sigma 50mm-500mm Lens

        Last week I rented the Sigma 50mm – 500mm lens to try out for a trip next year. I want  to thank Camera Lens Rentals for great service. The … Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Quote: Thomas Sutton

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “Professional photographers have rarely the time to bestow on experiments, and they are generally too ready to “pooh, pooh” all innovations. On the other hand, … Continue Reading →

A Fleeting Moment

Today’s blog is from Kate Sylvia from earlier this month and I really enjoyed reading it. So, I wanted to share a link to it so others can read the … Continue Reading →

Weekly photo Quote: W. Eugene Smith

Weekly photo quote to inspire. “What uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” – W. Eugene Smith

Seeing B&W at Time of Capture

A while ago, a friend and fellow photographer talked to me about going on a group outing hoping to get some nice B&W images. We discussed about what to look … Continue Reading →