Question About Switching Brands

Recently I had someone contact me about what I thought of the Pentax camera because they were contemplating switching from another brand.  So I thought I would post our conversation … Continue Reading →

Light, The True Subject

  No matter what material you are using to capture the photographic image onto; whether tin, glass, plastic negative, or electronic chip; these materials were all exposing for the light. … Continue Reading →

Free EBook: “A Photographic Journey of Walborn Reservoir”

This personal project of photographing Walborn Reservoir started with me wanting a place to go and practice using my new DSLR camera. After a while I decided to try and … Continue Reading →

Seeing B&W at Time of Capture

A while ago, a friend and fellow photographer talked to me about going on a group outing hoping to get some nice B&W images. We discussed about what to look … Continue Reading →

Are You Missing the Rapids?

Often when nature photographers go out to create images of nature we have a set subject in our mind of what we want; but many times we miss seeing the … Continue Reading →

Looking at Your Histogram

Years ago, in the days of film, there was no instant feedback of your image to gauge whether your exposure was accurate or not. It was not until you had … Continue Reading →

How I Dodge and Burn

When working on pictures in Photoshop, there can be several ways to do different tasks and end up with similar results. My favorite way to dodge and burn (lighten and … Continue Reading →

Aper… What?

Aperture, is a mechanized device within a lens that opens and closes to adjust the amount of light entering the camera body effecting the exposure.  With ISO determining the sensitivity … Continue Reading →

Falling Water Tips

The sound of rushing water over a falls can cause a person to drift off to sleep like being serenaded by angels with a harp. My wife and I love … Continue Reading →

Ten Myths About Nature Photographers – Part 2

Today I am sharing part 2 of Darwin Wiggett’s article about myth’s about nature photographers. Click to enjoy reading “Ten Myth’s About Nature Photographers – Pt 2“       … Continue Reading →